Risk Mitigation

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Protecting what matters most to you from the unexpected is an important part of every financial plan. Read below to learn more about how we can help.

Life Insurance

Having the correct amount of life insurance is one of the most important financial decisions a household or business can have. The surviving recipient should have the means to reach the financial objectives that was intended with the proceeds, including paying off debts, income replacement, funding college or other desires, and providing capital for an organization to continue in its mission.

Disability Income Insurance

The difficulty of not being able to bring in an income is compounded by the increased medical expenses and possible loss of benefits. This type of insurance replaces a percentage of the gross income the affected worker would have earned if the sickness or accident had not disrupted the ability to earn the wages.

Long Term Care Insurance

The cost of caring for those who cannot perform the normal activities of daily living continues to increase. This type of coverage provides a purse of money to help pay for those expenditures and diminish the likelihood of exhausting your assets.

Property and Casualty Insurance (Auto, Home, Liability)

This coverage is especially important as the society gets more litigious and claims of damage continue to rise. Coverages include protection of your assets, replacement of your property and liability coverage for another’s damaged property.

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